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by Half Sight

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Lantern 01:38
Hungry for answers; starved of the truth – feeding off lies with no point to prove. A chance to speak up, our bravest debate – or live by a flag from which we cant be saved...
She spends her days with shackles strapped to her feet, locked by your addiction and you’ve thrown away the key – yet her face says she has everything she could ever need. Eyes wide and a smile that could change lives; the chains a burden but for her this is fine, for she knows that in time they'll no longer be by her side. Flea the wreckage from which we can save ourselves, so we can learn and forget then start again. We planted seeds to start a new family tree so we could learn, forget then start again. If there was anything I could do to take the weight off your shoulders, I’d answer all your unheard prayers – say the word, I’ll be there. The lights have flickered on her life far too many times but the bulb still shines bright. Inspired by everything that surrounds me; I’ll paint an image of this painful dream, you’ve had for years but won’t dare to believe. I’ll carve into your concrete heart the life you always deserved to lead. They’ll chip away at the edges but the core will stay the same. You buried your own perfections in seeking everything that's right in everybody but yourself. The happy days are few and far between. Held back by his demons for so long, squeezing every last drop of your selflessness. Forever humble and always there, but this could drain your patience dry.
Nurtured by angels and barked at by the hounds of hell – two roads from which to choose but with such different views. For years they will prowl pacing the deepest corners of my mind, tainting the walls with something so hard to hide behind. The blueprints of yesterday form a plan for tomorrow; I'll never say its perfect but its all I’ve grown to know. So beautiful, yet so obscure. I never thought but then i saw, left with visions that made me think. For all our woes, faults and moans it could always be worse – it could always be so much worse. Can you bring yourself to see the guilt that's hidden in your shame? Can you take the good in me and erase it from your name? You cannot say you loved unless that love is one day shown and I can’t promise the mess you made will not swallow you whole. Brave smiles carried me through a life that could have easily perished in waves of tears. I opened doors to my demons to prevent my phobias becoming my worst fears. I’ll prosper in the midst of everything that we’ve been put through, you’ll cower in the shade of what you’re too scared to face up to. You’ll backstab everyone that ever tried to hold you up – the blame passed on to anyone; your ignorance, your crutch. I can only be the best man I can try to be; you tried so hard but couldn’t bring out the worst in me. My head stable and my heart content, even with this dismal sight of life – a sight of life I’d rather forget.
Callous 03:32
Drawn into a world, that paints each day by numbers; hand picked by the fools that govern everything we see. And there’s no care for the colours or the canvas on which we will rest, just an absence of true beauty they’d never think to seek. We let the rats stroll over what could so easily be a finely executed masterpiece, but was it ever picture perfect to start? A tainted image of disparity; a nation’s strain with no clarity. Bullied by thugs of fame in a market thriving on vanity, slowly poisoning our minds with all they choose to advertise. Broadcast after broadcast, it’s streamed into our lives, but through all we're forced to see we won’t open our eyes. When will we wake up? When will the channels change? Fame starved with no shame – will we just stand by whilst they ignite rage? Slaves to the airwaves. Blind eyes turned to what is right whilst they sit and blossom under the spotlight; morals moulded from all you see and the shit you read is everything you believe. Far from a gift that keeps on giving or just a fire that you keep fuelling. Our castles are becoming prisons, our shelters soon to be slums.
18.09.70 02:26
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
Blind lead the blind down a path that seems to have no end. Their eyes sealed by faith; educated by fiction, they’ll pray to a god thats smiling down on a world forever at war with itself. There’s no knowledge of what you know you should be; forced into what you think you should believe. You pick fights like you pick your own truth from lies – is it me, is it you or everything you despise? They’ll sing songs of the saviour but who the fuck’s here to save us? On deaf ears the notes fall – together we call for a hymn that sounds like the truth. But the pages on which this was written will burn away with every single verse, and the years we spent waiting for answers is something he cannot reimburse. A spiritual ride – I’ve held on for dear life. My hands burnt – no lessons learnt; but are they scolded by sin or from the preacher within? Save me with these prayers you make, knelt by these broken pews. Guide me with your healing hands, blood stained from a war on views. Does your love hide in the bullets, bombs and destruction? And should I feel no shame in thinking this feels just like heartache? The world christened by insanity, the rules written for us but the morals there are few. We've lost grip on what humanity should be; the reigns let loose by him and only he.
Regime 03:59
I've bound myself to vows that will make the earth bleed, but I wont let my mind walk away from me – far from being the perfect man you’ll see but I choose life over limb. I’ll place my hand in yours, rather than raise it to my head then make a promise in which I’ll only put myself in years of debt. I’d rather fall in love than ever have to fall in line – I’d sooner die young by your side than spend years wasting time. Lies spread like plague as they’re bled through the airwaves so every man’s wound can be shared with our nation. Their blood is a river that streams fear through our bones and the children that you say you love are yours to disown. My hands forced for the last time, with my fingertips grazed and with dirt in our nails. Now take me home in a bodybag, for this disguise that I’ve sporting for what seems like forever is now hanging by a single fraying thread. With my fists clenched I’ll pray for all the things they never held. I chose to live, now that I’m living I will love; in love I will live, this life as we should. Why choose to serve and make it all so much worse? No end to this endeavour – how many lives until we learn?
Picket Lines 03:45
I won't sit back as a daily web of lies is carefully spun from an endless feed of fiction of all the things we're forced to see. It's drilled into society, but I'll never let it pave a way into my home. But to some that door has already opened wide; so easy to fool with such shallow minds. I would rather live on scraps than eat the shit you feed us every day, I'll live amongst the poor and spend my life a king – I’d sooner spend it on my knees than stand for anything you bring. I think I’m losing sight of all I know; so far from perfect but so close to my home. I feel further away from love than I think I've ever been. I’ve never been more ashamed to say that this is what defines me – blind to what's right, an ignorance to life I never thought I’d see. Smothered by a blanket of fear and scared to sleep, yet you'll spend your days here living with both your eyes shut. You need to find peace in your own life before spreading hate to the masses through the bullshit you preach. It's answers we seek from prisoners of belief; a never ending war forced from pages of fiction that you choose to read.
Anaphora 01:47
We're further away from love than I think we've ever been – and we never want to say that this is what defines our legacy.
Our mouths sewn shut; our thoughts over run. We've taken too much for granted and it’s been drawn out for too long. There's no pride left in anything we should feel proud of and we're placing too much faith in everybody else’s wrongs, but the wool’s pulled too far over our eyes to learn anything from our own. There are voices that can guide you, but your actions bare no contrast to the words we speak. Our precious time is precious life. They’ll try to kill in your dreams, so keep me so alive that I never have to sleep. For every wrong you find in life there's always something so much worse, so take the good from bad and seek the best for everything it’s worth. Can we really put our trust in tomorrow when today feels so perfect and yesterday is an age away? Left feeling lingually incapable of reading from the poetry with words we sculpted so beautifully, because the old life that inspired every verb has somehow run from me. Is this what you wish for, to die as a slave to a flag that made you live your life with your hands tied behind your back? It betrayed your belief and burns to embers with your grief and as the ashes blow with the wind, we're scarred by memories that they bring. We had it tough but our skin might not be quite as thick as it may seem.


released September 26, 2016

Produced and mixed by Drew Lawson at Steel City Studios.
Mastered by Grant Berry.


all rights reserved



Half Sight Leeds, UK

Formerly known as Atlas, Half Sight were a band who focused on making melodic, original and meaningful music from 2011 to 2018

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