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What Comes To Pass

by Half Sight

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Temporal fragments of happiness lift us up from a flat line – bringing comfort to a weakened mind. Mixed signals impair our sight from what is real; we fail to see what is real. Permanence retains no value and neither do I. I hold no worth, yet I march toward my grave. With a future determined, we must search for a reason to justify living our lives. Sorrow won’t follow me anymore – this hollowness resonates through me. Can’t wind the clocks back to the start - can’t see my future for my past. Surrounded by borrowed time, I am so lost in my own mind. I will search for a divide; escape boundaries and redefine living. I refuse to confide in cynicism – I will reach out regain touch with what’s right.
Surrounded by faces; all the beliefs fall onto one page. We’re all branded by names but we think the same. Society tells us to live a certain way and no one goes against the grain. Break away from indifference and find your own way. Plant your feet on the ground – a system set in place. I won’t be told how to fit into parameters - I need no construct to put me at ease. These scare tactics are lost on me and I don’t know if I will ever relate (to anyone). As I scream at the cliff face the message is lost - it evaporates. I wish I could go back to my youth – a time before all my prospects didn’t ring true.
This is where we’ve come to; a building block for a future that I couldn’t see – a place where I never wanted company. Solitude has become part of me; it’s who I am. Relation has become so unfamiliar. Questions that bind flood my mind. My futures now shaped, my options are frayed – where has the time gone? The path I once walked is no longer the same and I can’t bring myself to face this change on decisions that I never made. Barriers that hindered me now validate my place. How can I walk this beaten path when I had no part in how it was shaped? I can’t justify living sickened by humanity, yet I can’t focus my disdain. I’m still waiting for when what comes to pass no longer weighs on me.
Held Back 05:00
A deadly tool used to control the masses - corrupted hands forcing inane judgment on people who just seek answers to questions which will remain unrequited. The structure of society has divided and the core values have been stripped away – equality is forgotten. This fire will rage though my soul; escape this choke-hold (I will carry this torch until it chars through my bones). An Absence of substance has misled you – a testament eroded of all evidence. Freedom is the key to this entrapment. Don’t let corrupted hands hold you back (they’re holding you back). Don’t let the walls close in on you; you have a mind and freedom to use your voice in this modern world – define what’s right in a moral code. Overlook a scripted verse. The foundation of humanity should be centred on certainty. And I believe democracy is worth fighting for. Equality is worth so much more than any law you pass. I refuse to believe in a parting of knowledge – an illusion of fundamental discretion.


released June 26, 2013

Produced, mixed and mastered by Stu McKay at Studio 6.


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Half Sight Leeds, UK

Formerly known as Atlas, Half Sight were a band who focused on making melodic, original and meaningful music from 2011 to 2018

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